The Kind Company has the vision of exposing the world's beauty through kindness.  We hope to inspire all people to spread kindness every day. After all, kindness is the most affordable currency, one that transcends age, race, class, gender, and sexuality. And its Free!  At The Kind Company, we embrace, celebrate, and represent kindness in each and every thing that we do.

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The Kind Company produces and sells t-shirts with designs inspired by kindness.  By wearing a Kind Company t-shirt, we hope you are inspired to embrace, celebrate and represent kindness to those you know, those you don't and yourself.  

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A few years ago I started following the Kind Campaign which focuses specifically on girl-against-girl bullying. During my elementary and high school years I was the victim of bullying so the Kind Campaign resonated with me.  I am now an elementary school teacher and bullying is still very present.

I viewed the inspirational Kind Campaign documentary "Finding Kind" and felt the need to do more. I started a "Kind Club" with grade 6 girls, and was lucky enough to have the founders come to my elementary school to put on a phenomenal presentation.

​I bought the one shirt sold by the Kind Campaign and it instantly became my favourite shirt. However, I couldn't find many other shirts that were "kindness themed". The wheels started turning and now there's the Kind Company!

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